A Dance of Whales

I recently attended the Hermanus Whale Festival, upon arrival I was amazed to see whales basking I the bay and quickly took to being observant of them throughout my stay and amongst the busy schedule of trying to educate the public on climate change and nature conservation. Although I had seen whales before I was in awe of the carefree nature of these whales and the close proximity to a community they were willing to come.

I found myself feeling guilty and wondered how this giant of a species could still trust a species that has hunted them for so ling. The innocence of nature is incredible, despite humanities endless pursuit of destruction nature trust as if it knows something humans don’t. Although I have nothing to feel guilty about, the sense I got was one of a community responsibility to care more.

I felt despite the contradiction of nature’s plight against man, here was a people who came from all over the world to celebrate nature and enjoy a dance with whales. The second day came, and this love of nature was highlighted by thousands of people gathering to watch the dance from early morning. I smiled when I noticed how many people were happy to wait as long as it took to enjoy the whale’s presence.

With camera’s phones and I might add IPad’s ready tp capture the majestic dance, the public were poised with inherent trust the whales would give them what they came to see. Later on in the day I noticed a burst of excitement, like a surprised crowd in a rugby stadium, once twice. People ran to the cliff edges to see what the commotion was about. there. As if to enjoy the recognition was a whale breaching to great heights and crashing down to do it again.

All relationships between all species should be celebrated and respected like the Whales in Hermanus are, where each species enjoys each others company, where even wild animals can visibly show their jolly natures by enjoying the praise and awe they are shown. In this awe lies the cornerstone of nature conservation. It is in this “wild experience” my hope in humanity was slightly restored. It is our purpose on this planet to revere all living things, it is also our nature to protect our own kind from the harm of others.

Planet Savers is a pro life NPO in support of other good causes and the overall voice for good. We want to thank all our followers for their support and the Hermanus Whale Festival for their support. We would also like to all members of the public for participating in our “Are you Strong Enough Campaign”

We look forward to next season and everyone after that