Planet Savers

Planet Savers is a registered NPO driven by passion and inspired by change, dedicated to making a difference on all things Planet. The future of endangered species and the future of humanity are intrinsically linked, and the combined forces of poverty, population growth, climate change and environmental destruction threaten both. We strive to preserve habitats of endangered species, protect the uniqueness of nature, and raise people’s awareness of the considerate use of natural resources. The extinction of one species potentially leads to the extinction of others bound in a complex ecological web. As ecosystems unravel and collapse, 30% to 50% of all species may be heading toward extinction.

Current Partnerships

Planet Savers is dedicated to both its own programs and partner programs across the world. We endeavor to support all NPO’s in the daily challenges they face in making the difference and moving the needle. Our levels of support include the following:

Wilderness Leadership School

The Wilderness Leadership School has a wide range of environmental education projects and conservation careers programs. We offer an accredited Guide Train program as well as specialized environmental education programs geared towards younger school children and community trails.

Wilderness Foundation Africa

Wilderness Foundation Africa’s work focuses on lasting impact. This includes direct action against poaching and landscape wilderness management, to developing young leaders from disadvantaged communities and the development of innovative finance solutions.

Wild Foundation USA

The wilderness is vital to each and every one of us. WILD Foundation is working to build a global movement for wilderness protection. By doing so, we defend life and ensure that humanity has a wild and healthy future.

At, our mission is to preserve and protect the precious wildlife and wild spaces that make our planet extraordinary. We believe in fostering a profound connection between humans and the natural world, harnessing the power of collective action for positive change. is a rallying point for passionate individuals who understand the urgency of conserving biodiversity and protecting our natural heritage. Join us on this critical journey to ensure a thriving future for all living beings and the irreplaceable beauty of our world. Together, we can make a difference.

Wilderness Foundation UK

Wilderness Foundation UK encourages resilience in vulnerable teenagers, increases rural employment for urban youth, and brings curriculum-based sciences to life outside through

Xtinct Magazine

Xtinct Magazine is a global collaboration of people dedicating their lives to saving the planet from extinction. The main objective is to educate people on how to prioritize their lives by taking action against the inevitable end of life as we know it, and is written by leaders in conservation, climate change and the environment. Xtinct magazine is also closely associated with other conservation organisations such as The Ian Player foundation.

Wilderness Congress

From grassroots decision-making to national wildlife policy, the Wilderness Congress is the longest-running public environmental forum.

At 12Hours, we confront the harsh reality of rhino poaching: one rhino lost every 12 hours. Determined to break the cycle, we advocate for a fresh and unique approach to fundraising and resource allocation.

Our concept arises from the urgency for change. We direct donor funds towards specific projects, ensuring their completion. Our focus is on supporting innovative ideas and technologies that yield tangible results in the battle against rhino poaching.


We are people oriented – Education and community upliftment is the key to long-term sustainable solution for environmental issues – Therefore, Improving learning as a mechanism to alleviate poverty, entrepreneurial and job creation and community development are our key focus.

Our Vision

As we stand shoulder to shoulder with the affected, together we seek new solutions to ensure education and development.  As the same time, we also rethink and change our own consumer behavior.  We work cohesively towards a world in which all living beings on earth live peacefully coexistence and lead a healthy dignified life in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

Species extinction worldwide is progressing at a rapid pace, part of a catastrophic environmental impact of humanity living today.  The drastic decline and extinction of species and wild areas that are part of a diverse and complex ecosystem have serious consequences for all living beings.  Our ecosystems and thus our livelihoods are perishing as a result.


Africa is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, including the mountain gorilla. Grevy’s zebra and Ethiopian wolf. Africa is at a crossroads.  The rapid changes impacting modern Africa dictate the focus and vision, evolve into strategic approaches, and adapt sustainable conversation impacts.  We match decade’s work of existence on the ground with pioneering scientific research to add a new dimension to our work across the continent.  Not only do we nurture relationships with rural community leaders, but we also represent Africa’s wildlife and wild lands as the continent strives to meet sustainable development goals.  The survival of Africa’s endangered species and other wildlife depends on its relationship with people.


Save vanishing ecosystems, prevent biodiversity loss and rescue communities from the aftermath of environmental destruction. Our goal is to help mediate the competing interest of a growing population and a planet that has reached its limits of sustainability. Planting the right trees in the right places to safeguard biodiversity and protect nature.  In preparing the challenges of the coming decade, we are creating a global reference for building effective wildlife corridors.


Oceans are essential to life on Earth. They cover more than 70% of the planet’s surface, regulate the climate, and supply the oxygen we need to survive. The stakes are high when we consider how intrinsically linked the health of our ocean is to our environmental, social and economic wellbeing.  Our oceans are choking and ultimately both people and marine life will pay the price.


Partnered with conversation organizations to provide sustainable alternative livelihoods with the goal of providing climate-smart business opportunities while reducing activities which are environmentally destructive. In support together with these programs, Planet Savers work closely with government, other international non-profits, and the private sector to rapidly scale our work in national parks and protected areas, linking our work to addressing climate change, human wildlife conflict and habitat destruction.